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ZT4 X 2000 Slitting Line

ZT4 X 2000 Slitting Line

Steel slitting is a steel manufacturing process wherein a coil of steel is slit into the lengths and widths specified by the end application. This process requi

Steel slitting is a steel manufacturing process wherein a coil of steel is slit into the lengths and widths specified by the end application. This process requires machinery lines equipped with a decoiler, slitter, and a recoiler — to achieve the end product: slit steel coils, or “mults.”.

To get precise slitting strips, a suitable quality slitting line is needed. Here we have an introduction of our 4X2000 slitting line, if you need more details of other sizes slitting line, please contact us.




I. Technical Parameters



Raw Material: Galvanized Steel

Tensile strength: δb≤510Mpa

Thickness of coil plate: δ=0-4mm;

Width of coiled plate: 2000mm;

Coil weight :Max 15T;

Coil I.D: ф500-ф760mm;

Coil O.D: ≤ф1800mm;

slitting pivot : ф240mm; material 40Cr;

Slitting blade: ф240×ф380×20;

Material of slitting blade: 6CrW2Si

Hardness of blade: HRC58°—60°;

Recoiler I.D of waste: ф420 mm;

Recoiler I.D: φ508mm 2.Parameter of the finished products:

The precision of width: ≤±0.1mm/M

Slitting quantity : 6 pieces ;

3.Other parameters:

power supply :380V/50Hz/3Ph

line speed: 0-80m/min

area of the producing line (about): 30m (length) ×8m (width)

operators: one skilled worker and two general workers

color of the equipment: grass green or customize

the weight of the equipment: about 40T


Ⅲ. Parts of the equipment

Hydraulic coil car

Hydraulic double head de-coiler


  Hydraulic pinch and press device

Hydraulic head-cutting machine

Roller table 1

guide machine

Slitting machine

Scrap winder (both sides )

Roller table 2

Tension stand


Hydraulic unloaded car

Electrical control system

Hydraulic system



Ⅳ. Devices Description

ZT 4×2000 slitting line, mainly used for the slitting and divide the strips and preparing the materials for the next processing units.


1.Hydraulic coil Car

◆The car can move levelly and vertically, which is convenient for putting the steel coils to the un-coiler.

◆It is driven vertically by hydraulic pressure and the level movement is driven by electromotor.

◆The weight it can carry is 15T(Max).


2.Hydraulic double head de-coiler

◆supporting steel rolls and uncoiling

◆the moveable structure of double way hydraulic top tight

◆hydraulic pressure drives the level and landscape orientation movement

◆brake system, tapered feeding plate, 400 arrester brake



3.Press and pinch device


◆2 hydraulic cylinders controls the lifting of the decoiling rollers

◆BWY-4 cycloidal pinwheel decelerator drives steel rolls running

◆hydraulic shovel with retractility and hydraulic compress and hit the head to feed the steel plate



4.Hydraulic head-cutting machine

◆With double columns and press device which can shear 4mmX2000 steel plate

◆the material of blade is alloy 9CrSi and the gap of upper and lower blades can adjusted




5.Roll Table: 1

◆It is composed of the rollers and the frame which will be convenient to feed the steel sheets



6.guide machine (from left to right):

◆It uses the device of the vertical rolls of both sides to guide the steel belt goes into the slitting device correctly

◆the guide rolls of both sides use hand shaft to expand the opening width , the width range is 2000mm



7.slitting machine:

◆Drive system consists of drive stand , 650 decelerator, 75KW DC motor, the gear distribution box, coupler, connection shafts and cover.

◆Main section is made up of base, fixed brackets, large slide block, 2 blade pivot(Φ240mm),moveable brackets, slide block, the adjustment device of front and back of the brackets and the lifting device of blade pivot, supporting blades, isolating cover and rubber ring, etc.

◆the main section adopts hydraulically move out the brackets which is very convenient to change the blades


8.Scrap Winder :

◆It consists of base, the shaft and plate of edge material, friction wheel, supporting wheel chain, chain, 350 decelerator and 7.5Kw electric machine.


9.Roll Table:    2

◆It is composed of the rollers and the frame which will be convenient to feed the steel sheets


10.Tension stand

◆It adopts the 5 roller(up 3 down 2) device which can improve the recoiling quality.

◆Consist of base ,pre-dividing shaft, bracket, press shaft, hydraulic damp device and hydraulic shaft lifting the press down device



◆consist of base, bearing frame, recoiler shaft, the expansion device of hydraulic recoiling, the expanded recoiling plate, move able arm bearing, supporting decelerator, 110KW DC motor etc.

◆It adopts the hydraulic expand and shrink to tight the

coils inner diameter.

◆Designed with 8-fan-shaped plates which can be a

round circle and machining as a whole to ensure the recoiling quality. It is designed with hydraulic clip mouth and clip the strips heads.

◆It is designed with the hydraulic press arm equipped with the spacers to

guarantee the even rewinding quality.

◆It is equipped with the hydraulic pushing device to unload the coils


12.hydraulic unloading car : capacity:15T

◆This car carries the slitted coils and movable lift , also is designed with the positioning holes to unload the coils.

◆φ 180 hydraulic cylinder drives it lift up and down and is equipped with 4


guide pillars

13.Hydraulic system

◆Ensure the using of every hydraulic parts


14.Electrical control system

◆Electric cabinet and operate table.

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